New WallBaser Wink

DjDomiNatorX / 1 decade ago (18 July 2007 02:53)

Hello Wink
I just started a new website, and i need some members who can upload some art!
But befor you upload, please read WallBaser F.A.Q thats important!
So i hope you guys and girls will join WB.. Wink

Tnx and greetz

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1 decade ago (18.07.2007 04:48)
Reply by: mickeblue
It´s a bit slow Kenneth... I´ve been trying to get the signup page for ages now Sleepy
1 decade ago (18.07.2007 05:08)
Reply by: DjDomiNatorX
haha.. yeah i say it to... my web is SLOOOOOW... it take 1 min or more to go to downloads.. thats lame!!
1 decade ago (18.07.2007 07:26)
Reply by: DjDomiNatorX
1 decade ago (19.07.2007 04:32)
Reply by: DjDomiNatorX
hmm oke i need a Good Skinning Website Name!!! Smile Smile
1 decade ago (11.10.2010 09:43)
Reply by: wary109
1 decade ago (27.09.2010 07:23)
Reply by: sed
And OFF it went Amazed
1 decade ago (28.09.2010 06:38)
Reply by: mikelly
Web address does not work Sad ([LINK])I even tried to Google it and could not find a thing what you say?
1 decade ago (28.09.2010 06:39)
Reply by: mikelly
Is this the same [b]Kenneth[/b] that just shut down [b]Wallbase[/b] what you say?
1 decade ago (28.09.2010 11:18)
Reply by: sed
Mike what are ya doin?? Kenneth shut down Wallbase.... Thats why I said off it went... Gone
1 decade ago (29.09.2010 01:28)
Reply by: mikelly
Sorry sed,A day late and a dollar short LOL
1 decade ago (29.09.2010 01:42)
Reply by: ladyhawk
Yeah, WB went down...not enough uploaders.... Sad . Feel so bad for Kenneth, won´t make any was his everything and baby. Some of us know how that feels, or should remember. But, Kenneth...hon...the link doesn´t work and it doesn´t show up when you Google it up and going, Boss? Let us know....but no matter what....GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR NEW SITE, YOUR OWN PERSONAL SITE, AND WHATEVER ENDEAVOR YOU CHOOSE TO KEEP SHARING YOUR WALLS WITH US!!! DON´T WANT TO LOSE YOU AT ANY COST!!!!! Booming love Grin