.logonxp or.logonvista?

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Have I misunderstood or are logons for xp and vista in the same gallery both listed as logons for xp? This seems wrong since one can't use .logonxp in vista or .logonvista in xp! They can be in the same gallery, but not both labeled as for xp

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1 decade ago (15.07.2007 12:39)
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Waiting for a version of LogonStudio vista that can do more than change wallpaper.... not much of a challenge IMO!
That´s really why I haven´t gone over to vista..... no I lie..... can´t seem to convince the wife that my laptop is crap and I need a new one!
1 decade ago (14.07.2007 11:05)
Reply by: Butch123
Hi...as far as Logon XP or Logon Vista, I dont see a difference if they are in the same library. My Logons are clearly marked for Windows Vista if I upload one for vista and for Windows XP if its for Windows XP. So as long as authors mark them I really done see a difference..... Happy
1 decade ago (15.07.2007 12:20)
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Of course thats true... you called one of yours yours "AuroraVista", but I downloaded it thinking it was supposed to just look like a Vista logon, but was for xp since it is listed under the title: "AuroraVista For Logon Studio Windows XP Skins"

I actually feel silly bringing it up now....

Just thought skinbase might want to mark Vista skins better
1 decade ago (15.07.2007 12:32)
Reply by: Butch123
2 of 3 Hi...and of course in a way I agree with you, but, I believe I am just the only one that uploads Logons for windows Vista and really dont see them making a section just for me, but, I´m gonna do is that I am going to try and remember always to put in the description if it is for Windows XP or if it is for Windows Vista, this way it should be a lot less confusing for people downloading my work. All they will have to do is read the description and they will know. As a matter of fact my last two uploads are for Windows Vista and there is not a Windows Vista section, so I had to put them in the Windowblind section and believe me these will not work with Windowblinds, they are a complete GUI for Windows Vista. Anyways glad to hear that you are downloading my Logon, its much appreciated. Have a nice weekend.... Happy