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Hi hate flash light. Really. But the truth is that flash is the most available light a photographer can have. The reality is that the evolution of flahes has made great steps and nowadays we are able to reduce the unwanted side effects a flash can have. Nikon is praised to have nowadays, the most compreensive and most well thought flash system on earth - working obviously with their SLR/DSLR cameras ( I can for instance with the pop-up flash of the D200, to wirelessly control up to 4 adittional flashes for great and accurate illumination ( unbelievable some years ago ) and some Finepix models - and other brands flash accesories have evolved so much with new products that it's really being a ( so kind ) of pleasure to work with it. Flash is almost necessary for great portraits - studio or even in broad daylight - balanced fill flash - flash is mandatory in social events and in some sports. I only use flash in some of these conditions. The problem with flash light is that it is a so "concentrated" and strong source of light, that main subjects generally do appear completely "washed out" and with no interest whatsoever. Well, is here that diffusers do play a role, and an important one indeed. Most of the top of the range flashes do have a "bounce card" of a "diffuser" to soften light in some conditions. However, there are some dedicated accessories which are made to ease our lifes and with great results. For instance, if you have a DSLR with a pop-up flash, you can add this Lumiquest accessory to your unit, to soften light - - . If you have a separate hotshoe flash, you can for instance use this one - - or even better, this one - Because I do sometimes - very few - some social events photography and portraiture - studio or not - , I had to join the flash parade and bought the SB600 flash from Nikon and the Lumiquest Pocket Bouncer - ideal when you do not have anything to bounce the light as ie a low ceiling - and the Lightsphere Cloud from Gary Fong. Well, I use the Lightsphere all the time as even when bouncing flash without it ( I never use direct flash ) , with a white ceiling , flash light is still to harsh for my taste, even compesating exposure. And it works great also with no ceiling whatsoever, as it difuses the light in an angle of 360º. And believe that these diffusers do make a strong difference. So, for any fellowmate that does not like flash light as I do, but do have to use it, I strongly suggest these accessories. Photographer

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Reply by: brett
Has anyone heared of tone mapping or I think HDR? Not sure how it is works but you take multiple shots on a tripod at different exposure settings and then combine them together.

There are some good examples in a church here [LINK] . I have seen it uesd on landscapes but it does not work very well to me.
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Brett: like you, flash is the least used equipment of my gear. I prefer to carry around my tripods, the mini from Slik and my very old Velbon DGB3. Marshall: I also prefer to shoot in available light. I had a discussion in a forum with a professional photographer sometime ago, about a shot he made inside a castle with flash - I´ve said that even with a difference of 10 f/stops from shadows to highlights, if he measured light correctly and if used a tripod he could have done a much better photograqph without flash,- but ended in a stupid and useless discussion ( Fred remenbers that, I think ). And bro Sed...we are a big help to eachothers. Photographer
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as always... very useful info! Photographer Wink
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Well Fred...just sharing, just sharing.Knowledge is nothing if we keep it for ourselves. Photographer
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Reply by: brett
I agree completly.
I love the efect of shooting in available light and try to stay away from using flash. I am going to get the Sigma EF 500 SUPER DG as it works in wireless mode with my ring flash on my Canon EOS30d. It also takes a large white diffuser to bounce the flash off.

I have left getting a new flash until last as it will be my least used bit of kit.
1 decade ago (13.07.2007 10:08)
Reply by: etype2
I to,try to avoid flash. At many public places,they will outright ban you when they see your camera. "No camera...a no camera please" In Milan,I snuck a shot of The Last Supper without flash. Thank you for your insights Artur. Happy clap
1 decade ago (13.07.2007 11:01)
Reply by: sed
Without you around what are we to do?? Thankz for POPPING IN ... You are a big help to everyone, Artur clap