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What is your screen resolution?


I'm guessing the most common screen size is 1280.
Does it irritate you when you see to large of a render for your screen resolution?

I thought about submitting all my future submissions in 1280 and add other screen resolutions in the zip. Trouble with this approach is a high demand on Skinbase server.

I have been submitting in 1600,with the thought that it could be resized to lower screen resolutions to save space on the server.
(Planning to upgrade my 5 year old 18 inch 1600X1200 with a 24 inch 1920x1200)

Would be interested in your thoughts and administration thoughts on the server space.

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1 decade ago (12.05.2007 08:55)
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Hi Marshall. Did I spell your name right? Anyway, I use a widescreen laptop. Its resolution is 1280x800. Unusual dimensions. My thoughts on server space? Well, I don´t keep my work up permanently here. That in itself keeps the load down. I always posted at 1024x768. I recently decided to take it down to 800x600. Additionally, I will be taking the DPI down from the norm of 72 to around 30 or 36... If anybody wants larger versions, I would grant their requests by an e-mail. I´m not comfortable submitting high resolution photos. Bottom line - I do not want my work printed. That crosses the line of sharing. Just my humble opinion. I realize that I am talking about photos, as thats all I do.... But what I do submit under these guidelines I mention should look OK on a monitor.

Photographer Smile
1 decade ago (12.05.2007 09:15)
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Marshall... can you tweak those sizes to be the same dimensions but take up less space? I can get a photo from a meg and a half down to under 100K and still it looks great on my laptop with the resolution I mentioned. I re-size and then save at 70% compression ratio. Perhaps I am stating what you already know... just sharing my thoughts. Have a great day!

1 decade ago (12.05.2007 09:56)
Reply by: etype2
That is very generous of you Fred. Your work always looks clear and sharp. I like to submit my images in lossless BMP format so there is no loss of quality if resized.That means a big file unfortunatly. I use PNG format for the preview image because of better quality but sometimes I notice artifacts and color shifts even in PNG format. With 1600x1200,I notice the difference in quality and now plan to go to 1920x1200. Want to get a professional monitor that reproduces 105-117% Adobe color space.

Open to all suggestions to keep the quality high and reduce file space.
I would like to get a consensus of the most common screen size used here at Skinbase. Happy
1 decade ago (12.05.2007 10:18)
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I see... hopefully more members will chime in. I only work with JPEGS. All these formats... man, my head is spinning. :o
1 decade ago (12.05.2007 11:00)
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Hello Marshall,1024x768,the size my walls usually are..it only irritates me when i see people uploading in wallpapers section some works that are just to small to fit a screen,they can upload them in the art section,we all know the smallest one nowadays is 1024x768,you can always resize a bigger size to fit your screen but never the reverse,it would look awful!!nice thread Happy Booming love
1 decade ago (12.05.2007 11:14)
Reply by: etype2
...know what you mean Fred,I´m still learning. Grin Sara,That´s right. Thank you for your comment. Happy Booming love
1 decade ago (13.05.2007 09:36)
Reply by: adni18
We have a poll or 2 about it Marshall, the title of the poll has a pop-up menu to see the previous polls Wink

To reduce the file size without reducing the on screen quality, there is a very good plug in for Photoshop, ProJPEG 5.2, I suggest you to use this plug-in Wink
1 decade ago (13.05.2007 09:40)
Reply by: adni18
Still the most popular resolution in the world is 1024x768 Wink
1 decade ago (13.05.2007 11:25)
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Well, I will eventually go back to my 1024x768 posting. I have a few more at 800x600 to clear out of my "ready to post" images. Then, its back to my old size from there.

I understand people can tweak settings an get prints anyway, if that is there intention. I can´t stop that. So, its onward from here!

1 decade ago (13.05.2007 01:09)
Reply by: DjDomiNatorX
i have 1280x1024, but i make 1024x768 walls bec its got the best quality Happy Happy
1 decade ago (13.05.2007 04:24)
Reply by: clwoods
My desktop is 1024x768 and my laptop is 1440x900 widescreen. I make 5 sizes of wallpaper for my zip, with 1024x768 being the smallest and 1600x1200 being the largest.I always include the 1440x900 widescreen size too. Hopefully that covers the majority of sizes people use. Congratulation Happy
1 decade ago (13.05.2007 08:28)
Reply by: sed
Whew! Confusing huh?? My Boss Ladys PC says right on it BEST when viewed at 800x600, AT&T homepage!! I leave her resolution alone cuz if I changed it she would be squinting at the icons!! FOR ME..... well, viewing at 1024 is best. But as someone told me DPI matters!! My opinion, NOT the size, for quality. I include a 1280 in my zips.... SHOULD I???
1 decade ago (13.05.2007 11:34)
Reply by: etype2
Thanks for the tip Nikos. The current version is ProJPEG 6.0.1. I downloaded it. Will try it out Happy clap Booming love
1 decade ago (13.05.2007 11:45)
Reply by: adni18
I know what the current version is Marshall, but the version 5 is better Wink
That´s why I have mention the version Happy
1 decade ago (13.05.2007 11:51)
Reply by: adni18
The difference between the 2 versions is:
Version 6 appears as a Filter under Boxtop web tools,
unlike version 5 which appears as under save/save as.
V.6 gives no better compression/quality or smaller size of jpg´s
V.6 came out at 2005 Wink
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