can you add Sports Category in wallpaper and Photo plz ?

AM.FX / 1 decade ago (20 April 2006 05:14)

I'm so sorry but please don` t say ohhhhh again AM.FX Topic ! this topic originally
not hot like my last topic Cry Happy
i just have a request , don't need to Do if Have hard-working For You Skinbase

what's your idea about add "Sports" Category In Wallpaper and Photo panel ?

don't think i say this cause I have some wallpaper in Sports Category cause
i upload all of them in "Other" category !

Thank you for read ! Thank You For Coming !
:heart :heart

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1 decade ago (27.04.2006 03:34)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Thanks for this input, too, AM.FX. Happy And meanwhile big Congratulation on the other thread also. WOW. This suggestion I will definately pass on to my colleagues after the weekend and holidays at the latest. Btw this already exists on 1 of our sites, glad to see you around here and there (basehead wallpapers).

And right now a MOVIE site is in process. But considering all the sections we got at SB, why not if possible? Allow some time but they will give it a thought. Hope your next days are OK, too. Happy Holidays Happy Holidays
1 decade ago (29.04.2006 09:14)
Reply by: AM.FX
thank you so much Toby Happy :heart
1 decade ago (29.04.2006 07:17)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Its on an internal reminder list now for next week. Still working on it (May 4, 2006 4 p.m. german sys time)