What I wish every Newbie knew about LiteStep...

Elwin / 1 decade ago (02 January 2002 02:46)

Now come on, ya´ gotta admit that that is a topic that needs to be discussed. Why should LS be only for the heavy hitters?

With new distros like LSD, and OTS out thre now, why not a newbie help section to get folks on the right track right out of the gate?

Sound in the least bit interesting?


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1 decade ago (02.01.2002 05:03)
Reply by: grimspoon
/me gathers all my resource material/... oki, now where do you want this?

1 decade ago (02.01.2002 06:12)
Reply by: Scarebear
You want a LS help section at Skinbase Elwin!?! I´d like to see that happen. And one of our BluePig admin´s here is a bit of a guru Wink If he can get me working properly in LS he must be good Happy

Actually, there´s a pretty good looking theme just uploaded recently here (and no - I don´t know the person who made it) Happy

This theme is a good looking example of what you can achieve in LS and it has a link to a distro of LS in the skin description.

1 decade ago (02.01.2002 10:38)
Reply by: craeonics
I can think of some things:

1. If you want to try it out, you can run it over Explorer
2. If Windows says you need to reinstall, it´s lying
3. Read that bloody manual
1 decade ago (02.01.2002 12:54)
Reply by: Elwin
1. yep, but newbies won´t see the WHOLE picture until they take the full plunge.
2. yep, but if newbies knew that having a shell switcher was installed BEFORE they took the plunge, they´d have an easy way out.
3. yep, but the manual is getting easier to read.

You tell me. You know this was really YOUR idea. I just started this thread while you were on the New Years Bacchanalia... :P

A little blue pig whispered in my ear on New Years about how Skinbase ought to be more receptive to Litestep. Not the real tech stuff. That could be left to the regular LS sites. But the skinning side, and especially a place to post those skins should be more prominent here on the Base.
(I´m not only relating this to you, but hoping that that little blue pig remembers what he said come light of day... {:p )
1 decade ago (02.01.2002 10:27)
Reply by: Scarebear
I await word from the little blue pig....... Happy

And the shell switcher (I think) is THE most important advice you can give.
1 decade ago (03.01.2002 01:33)
Reply by: grimspoon
heh.. yes guys, I am working on a page with simple step-by-step installation procedures and customization for newbies. Some foundamental FAQ´s and the resources such as more ´user friendly´ distros links, shell switchers and even systray fix for W2K/XP.

When I´m done, I will get my granmother to install it... If she can´t, we will keep improving the instructions until she can 8)
1 decade ago (03.01.2002 03:46)
Reply by: Elwin
1 decade ago (03.01.2002 03:28)
Reply by: Jafo
What´s Litestep?....Wink
1 decade ago (03.01.2002 04:18)
Reply by: craeonics
By the way *cough* I was working on an article for Tek on shell managers *cough*, still need to finish that.
1 decade ago (03.01.2002 10:04)
Reply by: Scarebear
Cool. I say you should finish that indeed Happy
1 decade ago (04.01.2002 03:46)
Reply by: Robohead
Either that or take something for that nasty cough. Wink
1 decade ago (04.01.2002 04:23)
Reply by: Elwin
Hmmm... I think the Dutch usually handle a cough with a High Colonic...

1 decade ago (04.01.2002 10:43)
Reply by: craeonics
I´ll finish it alright, but you´ll have to wait till the end of the month before the next issue´s out. And even then, it´s me writing it, so it won´t be very objective.
1 decade ago (28.08.2002 03:21)
Reply by: pitkon
Newbies should know two basic things:
1) Don´t do anything before u install a shell-switcher.
2) Search for a self-contained (stand-alone) theme. Many times OTS or LSDistro or whatever themes don´ work. Unfortunately, stand-alone themes seem to get fewer and fewer...
1 decade ago (28.08.2002 03:34)
Reply by: Elwin
Man, you´re dragging out the antiques, ain´t ya?
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