WTF was that?

mickeblue / 1 decade ago (26 November 2005 01:08)

I tried to open Zero Cools gallery from her profile page, and IE just went bonkers on me. Window after wondow opening showing 404 ~ and unable to terminate the app with Astons Terminator plugin???
Had to reboot to get out of it. Never had that before.

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1 decade ago (26.11.2005 06:29)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
For some reason there are many similar sounding IDs, in firefox I managed to call up one but need exact link to compare + check gallery you mean. Spelled with _ ? etc.
1 decade ago (28.11.2005 06:13)
Reply by: mickeblue
I was trying to get to this page Taxi ~ [LINK]zero%20cool ~ even though I can now open it, it has no content and the right hand column appears in the middle of the page.