how to Create mysql table by using dump.sql file for Rate it?

shadow_boi / 1 decade ago (22 August 2005 04:09)

I very like your program Rateit and want to use it as soon as possible.

When i am installing it, i dont know hot to Create mysql table by using dump.sql file

Can you tell me.

this is what the problem is show right now

thx a lot

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1 decade ago (30.12.2005 10:33)
Reply by: ZzWickedzZ
Ok you will need to log into phphmyadmin with your username being the name of your database and your pssword you have chose. After that select your database in the pulldown menu on the left. Then click a tab that says SQL on it.. There you will paste the what you copied from the dump.sql file.. After paste it click go.. And it will build the table... Make sure after completing that you have the correct information in your rateit.php file that says where you need to put your dbname and username and so on.. Im sure you already know that part though.. Enjoy .. now can you tell me how do make the rate it box actually appear on your page? It says that the index file will tell you how but mine does not... Hope this helped you
1 decade ago (01.01.2006 10:23)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Fastest answer in the West. So never loose faith. Guess we could speed some things up 2006. And when we get around to it, we should probably look whether unanswered skeletons are lying around in the messageboard closet. So that answer is doubly good because of its own hint... Snowing :car
1 decade ago (15.08.2010 09:22)
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