news.rss file is blank. How do I fix this bug?

Johnny_Vegas / 1 decade ago (26 January 2005 07:47)

I know this is an oft-talked about subject here, but I can´t seem to find an answer that works. I know some people have said that there´s an IF statement in functions.php that´s wrong. Well, here´s what mine currently says:

if(!$fps = fopen($GLOBALS[´rss_path´]."/$arn[filename]","w"Wink && file_exists($GLOBALS[´rss_path´]."/$arn[filename]"Wink)

...Is there something wrong with this? Most of the time when I try to makea change to it everything crashes.

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1 decade ago (27.01.2005 02:51)
Reply by: Peter_Vazed
Just dont know what is wrong.
No solution on this forum.

I found this:

wirh this in google:
rss how-to code php file error


1 decade ago (27.01.2005 05:32)
Reply by: polaris
You just need to comment/delete this IF statement mention above. Also don´t forget to comment/delete open and close brackets for that IF statement - { and }

and put something like this in new line:

$fps = fopen($GLOBALS[´rss_path´]."/$arn[filename]","w");


P.S. Maybe this code will be mixed up because those damn emoticons!