Opinions On Best Best Music Player For Computer??? OhWell

penguin / 2 decades ago (18 June 2004 12:35)

Ok i need some help... will anyone please give me some suggestions on the best musicplayer for a computer

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2 decades ago (18.06.2004 02:30)
Reply by: Snowman
Winamp, WMP, Sonique, Coolplayer, QCD, Foobar, etc etc

Try´em out and see which one fits your needs best!
(use [LINK] to find´em)
2 decades ago (18.06.2004 09:22)
Reply by: PK
well, you could try [LINK] , [LINK] , [LINK] or even [LINK] . But I would not try Snowman´s link :-)

You could also look on skinnables btw: [LINK] Only somehow the multimedia section there isn´t updated as much as the rest of the site

2 decades ago (18.06.2004 02:11)
Reply by: Yrgal
PK, stop jumping!
2 decades ago (18.06.2004 02:46)
Reply by: PK
I cant! I´m in this endless loop!
2 decades ago (19.06.2004 04:18)
Reply by: DAvenger
RadLight 4 - [LINK]
2 decades ago (19.06.2004 05:38)
Reply by: mickeblue
Well I´ve tried loads of ´em. Ultraplayer is almost obsolete, but it still has something going for it. Spoons dBPowerAmp is good ´cos it incorporates some bally good codecs ~ but if you´re reading this Razgo the skinning engine is still all over the place [ I tried it again].

Best one I´ve got is AVRack which came with my ATI soundcard ~ loads of good sound enhancements and presets.Grin:
2 decades ago (19.06.2004 07:46)
Reply by: wary109
2 decades ago (20.06.2004 01:13)
Reply by: craeonics
foobar. But ask ten people this and you´ll get ten different answers. There´s an ocean of media players out there.
1 decade ago (21.06.2004 02:28)
Reply by: Xav73
winamp and mediaplayer !!!(video & music)
or coolplayer for mini use ram and coolskin !!!more easy for create skin !!!(music)
or dbpoweramp and skinable with skinmaker include !!!(music and i think convert )
me i like jet audio is my best !!! (video & music )
1 decade ago (22.06.2004 07:41)
Reply by: preet_hipno
winamp 3 with DFX effects.... This is great for music.

I have used jet audio, avance logic. coolplayer, midia player, sonic, Qcd.

But winamp is ultimate... with skins..
1 decade ago (24.06.2004 05:24)
Reply by: nikuki
winamp because.........

it really whips the llama´s ass


1 decade ago (24.06.2004 05:25)
Reply by: nikuki
but i love qcd for playing CDs
1 decade ago (21.07.2004 01:00)
Reply by: Werdna
wats the best playa for a crap comp P3 356ram although still has decent skins and stisfactory functions
1 decade ago (21.07.2004 01:04)
Reply by: Werdna
doesn lag when changing songs
1 decade ago (21.07.2004 01:04)
Reply by: Werdna
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