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"redheads are superior beings." -me, duh!

<--- bad old picture... so pale i am in january when that was taken, like a year and a half ago. tryin' to get a newer pic for y'all... i have one of me and my boyfriend, i'm gonna try and get it scanned...


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Posted by: PK  27. November, 2006

Boo again :-)

Posted by: PK  28. September, 2004


Posted by: Xenu  16. August, 2003

Have a look in the cars section - you were right, looks much better without it Happy

Posted by: Xenu  16. August, 2003

hi nikuki!
I did remove it, but I left it on because I hadn´t had a better Idea about what to do there instead. and also it is a Italian Number plate - which of course fits PERFECTLY to alfa Happy

thanx for your commennt!


Posted by: chichigirl46  28. February, 2003

/me comes sliding in on her snowmobile to say hello nikuki, and such a surprise to see a pretty girl too :-) your email don´t work I you would have recieved my tarzan call LOL Well see you later nikuki, and glad you joined the baseheads...........

Some people in the community are like fudge, some sweet with a few nuts :-)

Posted by: PK  03. February, 2003

She IS cute!

Posted by: nikuki  28. October, 2002

just all you wait and see how nikuki single-handedly brings back eFX for all to enjoy!!! =Þ

[admin] nikuki [/admin] CLEVELAND ROCKS!

Posted by: nikuki  28. October, 2002

thanks for the comments guys--and more eFX skins coming soon, Elwin!!

[admin] nikuki [/admin] CLEVELAND ROCKS!

Posted by: BruB  12. October, 2002

I just stopped by and look at Nikuki´s personnal stuff and see that Elwin beat me to the commet box. Nice to have you with us at Skinbase Nikuki!

BruB Ex-Skinbase Admin Type "BruB" on google. and see what you get, I dare ya!

Posted by: Elwin  11. October, 2002

awwww... ain´t she a cutey?
And besides, anyone that skins eFX has got to be a wonderful human being...