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Humming is a beautuiful modified photographic piece by ED (digitalpix4all) here @ Skinbase! Ed does excellant photographic artwork of which this one which is called Diaphanous caught my eye. I have added in the hummingbird of which while I was viewing this on my computer a thought crossed my mind here in Minnesota. I have not see many Hummingbirds. So I realy loved the atmosphere & while seeing the somewhat perfect hiding place, I started to think this would be a great way to show the elusive creature. All credit is to be placed with Ed for this inspirational piece. There are 8 sizes from 1024x768 to 1920x1200 with a Bonus wall 1920x1200. Credits & permission are in the folder. Enjoy & thank you Ed!
Original Diaphanous background- [LINK]


6 years ago
Comment by: sed
Excellent work BOTH of ya!! Cool clap
6 years ago
Comment by: Alfa30
Cool Cool
6 years ago
Comment by: digitalpix4all
All the credit to John. Excellent work, John. Photographer clap prosit Congratulation A w a r d Booming love
6 years ago
Comment by: jazzilady
A beautiful work stramp! clap Booming love
6 years ago
Comment by: killua
Awesome clap Congratulation
6 years ago
Comment by: stramp
Come on peeps we all know Ed is the real master photog, I just compose the theme as I feel it, I thank all of you as you all over the years have inspired me to create, compose, paint & modify all the works I have done and will do. I am always glad to have also inspired others to try their hand at art also. Many thanks! Booming love

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