oLLie aNd mOcK aNd JaY

oLLie aNd mOcK aNd JaY

By ernieleo
The further misadventures of mOcK & JaY

It should be noted that oLLie only consented to appear if he had first billing.......

mOcK____I say JaY_____I'm being stared at.......

JaY_____It's only oLLie and he's just a big pussy cat.......

mOcK____Is it just you JaY or all Blue Jays dense, the
point is he's a really big cat, he must be on drugs, steroids or something........

JaY____Not to fear mOcK, what I mean is, he's just a teddy bear of a pussy cat and besides, el has him on a tight leash, so to speak.......

mOcK____Easy for you to say, he's looking at me and drooling like a fool.......

oLLie____Nobody has me on a tight leash, the brown one looks tasty and I'm not liking his attitude.......

Jay____Not to worry mOcK, oLLie's just big, he's not stupid, without us there's no mOcK and JaY, el would be really pissed off and he controls the cat food and oLLie too slow to live off birds.......

oLLie____the blue one is suppose to be the stupid one, but I think he's more perceptive than the brown one.......


1 decade ago
Comment by: etype2
lol lol Fun LOL lol The expression on that cat´s face!...he knows there MOCKING him. Very nice. clap
1 decade ago
Comment by: Captain America
1 decade ago
Comment by: DjDomiNatorX
Cuute!!! Smile Smile
1 decade ago
Comment by: kchristine
Great job! Booming love

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