Aquarium v1.1

Aquarium v1.1

By BlueSteel
--- Aquarium V1.1 for Talisman 2.1+ ---

This theme was created for Talisman 2.1 and higher.

Please note that none of the graphics are mine

(see Credits in About Theme)
A lot of little things been fixed and added..

You should no longer need to altyer anything to see the fish swimming

Desktop has been cleaned up by placing Icons on 2 popup button bars.. 1 on the left and one on the right.. simply place mouse pointer over the far left and right respectivly then click the left button

left Button Bar:- Displays Drives and internet related buttons
Right clicking on A: will bring up the format menu
Right clicking on C: and D: will start defragging that drive

Right button bar: displays general , Office, Paint Shop Pro buttons

Include 2 sample menus Games and Coding
Includes Talisman menu Containing..
Help,TOE,Theme browser,Shell switcher Just to name a few

Includes 2 Active walpapers 1 with sound and 1 without
Changable via menu (talisman)

Winamp related:--
a static winamp icon next to clock for easy access to winamp
Includes a winamp.ini which containes settings to place the winamp bar in my prefered position.. this can be copyed to the default winamp installation Directory by a menu selection (in Talisman menu)

Shutdown Button.. Top Right

Included more menu's for easy access

Any comments are more than welcome..

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